About Water Solutions

Since our inception, we have worked towards providing a complete water solution under one roof. We strive to introduce the latest plumbing methods and products which are state-of-the-art and globally acknowledged. Our team provides diverse solutions for water-related issues, with years of efficiency and reliability to count on.

Our Story

Water Solutions is a firm that is built on a foundation of pioneering spirit and a commitment to bringing the latest water technologies to Pakistan. Our story started in 1984 with a simple yet impactful vision to make quality products accessible.

From Generators to Pumps: A Tradition of Firsts

Our founder, Mr. Nadeem Riaz launched on this journey in 1984 by presenting Japanese generators at competitive prices. It filled a critical gap in the market. It offers reliable power solutions to a growing nation.

Building on this success, we continued to break new ground in 1992. We became the proud importers of Espa and Pedrollo pumps. These are two of the most respected brands in the industry. So this introduction ensured that Pakistanis had access to top pumps for diverse usage.

Pioneering Vision (2017-2019)

The year 2017 marked a significant milestone for Water Solutions by realizing the One Stop Shop idea. Realizing the growing demand for water solutions, the firm embarked on a mission to become a one-stop provider for all water-related items. This visionary approach laid the groundwork for the inauguration of Water Solutions on February 15, 2017. Hence, it symbolizes a new chapter in the journey of a firm.

To spearhead this ambitious work, Arsalan Nadeem was appointed as Managing Director of Water Solutions. He was tasked with introducing globally acknowledged items and promoting the company to new heights of success. Under his leadership, Water Solutions continued to expand its portfolio by presenting renowned brands such as AO Smith American Geysers, PurePro Filtration products, LaSwim Pool Products, Saniflo French Drainage products, and Easyflo Products in 2019.

We proudly state that Water Solution is the pioneer and authentic dealer of world-renowned brands like Saniflo, Easyflo, AO Smith, and more. If you want quality products, then Water Solution is the name that you can trust.

Water Solutions: Your Complete Water Solution Provider

In 2017, Water Solutions took a big step forward. We wanted to create a place where people could find everything they needed for water-linked issues. So, we opened Water Solutions in February 2017.

Water Solutions symbolizes innovation and dedication. We serve customers across Pakistan with quality water solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to adapt to changing needs and pioneer new solutions. As we move forward, we are ready to begin leading the sector. Hence, it ensures a sustainable and successful future for everyone.

Our Journey

Water Solutions

The journey of Water Solutions started with the idea of selling globally acknowledged water-related products. In no time, Water Solutions has gained a foothold and has received incredible feedback from our valuable customers. Throughout our journey, our values kept us committed to our clients in providing top-notch quality products and the best customer service.

Established Business

Our Founder Mr Nadeem Riaz started business in 1984 with the introduction of Japanese generators at affordable prices

Introduced Imported Pumps

Introduced Imported Pump brands Espa and Pedrollo in Pakistan

New Venture

Invested in Pakistan's One of the first Water Jet Looms

Introduction of Digital Printing

Introduced one of the first digital printing and signage technology opening up a new horizon

One Stop Shop Idea

Planned on opening a one stop solutions provider for all types of water related products


Inaugurated Water Solutions

Appointment of MD

Arsalan Nadeem appointed to run Water Solutions with the task of introducing globally acknowledged products

Introduction of Renowned Brands

Introduced renowned brands such as AO Smith American Geysers, PurePro Filtration products, LaSwim Pool Products, Saniflo French Drainage products and Easyflo Products.