Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having a pool is like a dream come true, as it offers a refreshing oasis in the comfort of your backyard. Indeed, having a swimming pool in your home is like a dream come true, but maintenance can become a nightmare.

Most of you must know the value of pool maintenance. So to keep your pool in good shape, read the following blog and follow our expert advice. Also, buy quality swimming pool maintenance equipment to regularly maintain your pool without breaking the bank. There is much more than only having a pool maintenance kit for the pool as there are many more things that you may need to learn. In this blog, we will learn how to avoid the common pool maintenance mistake.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

The Pool Maintenance Checklist

Before we jump on to the main topic of how to avoid common pool maintenance mistakes, let’s look at the pool maintenance checklist first. It will help beginners maintain the pool.

So we have divided the pool maintenance into four parts. Let’s check them one by one.

1. Daily Maintenance Tasks

Skim the Surface

It comes first on the list. Please use a pool skimmer net to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the water surface. You can get the skimmer net from any quality swimming pool equipment supplier, like Water Solutions.

Check Water Levels

Ensure that the water level is at the midpoint of the pool skimmer. Adjust as needed by adding or draining water.

Inspect the Pool Area

Inspect the pool area daily. Look for any tripping hazards or damage. Also, look for safety equipment such as pool covers and life rings. Check whether they are in good condition or not.
Now let us move on to the weekly maintenance of the pool.

2. Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Test Water Chemistry

Pool maintenance chemicals are next on the checklist. You should check the pool water for calcium, alkalinity, chlorine, and pH. For this, you will need a pH Test Kit. Adjust chemicals as they are vital to keep them at their optimal levels: pH (7.2-7.8), chlorine (1.0-3.0 ppm), alkalinity (80-120 ppm), and calcium hardness (200-400 ppm).

Vacuum the Pool

A pool vacuum is the best way to clean the bottom of the swimming pool and remove any dirt or debris.

Brush Pool Floor and Wall

Scrubbing the pool wall and floor is a must. Use a pool brush to scrub these areas to avoid algae buildup.

Clean the Skimmer and Pump Baskets

Remove and clean the skimmer and pump baskets to ensure proper water flow and filtration.

Check Filter Pressure

Most of the pool owners ignore the filter pressure. So in your checklist, must add checking the filter pressure.

Shock the Pool

If the water is cloudy and super chlorinated, it is advisable to undergo shock treatment. It removes the contaminants and prevents cloudy water. It is best to perform it in the evening.

3. Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Check Pool Equipment

Inspect all pool equipment, such as the heater, chlorinator, and pump, for proper operation. Also look for unusual noises, low performance, and leaks.

Check Water Hardness and Add Calcium if Needed

Test and keep calcium hardness levels between 200 and 400 ppm. Add calcium chloride if levels are low.

Lubricate O-Rings and Gaskets

Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the O-rings and gaskets on pool equipment. It is to ensure a proper seal and extend their lifespan.

4. Seasonal Maintenance Tasks


– Clean and remove the pool cover
– Refill and reassemble pool equipment
– Shock and balance the water
– Inspect pool surfaces and structures


– Increase the cleaning frequency
– Monitor water levels closely
– Inspect and adjust the filtration system


– Deep clean the pool
– Balance water chemistry
– Lower water levels
– Cover your pool

Now you have gone through the pool cleaning checklist. Indeed, you need to follow the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, but the results could be better by avoiding common mistakes one usually makes during pool maintenance.

Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As we have learned about the pool maintenance checklist above, let’s now move on to the common mistakes often made during pool maintenance. While planning for pool maintenance services is essential, do you know how much pool maintenance costs per month? It can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is best to learn the basics and avoid common mistakes when cleaning your pool.

During the summer season in Pakistan, you can expect heavy monsoon rains, which often result in contaminated pool water. Additionally, wind can carry dirt into the pool. We advise opting for professional pool maintenance services at least once a season. Whether you are doing daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance, please avoid the following mistakes

1. Neglecting Regular Cleaning

The Mistake

It is one of the most common pool maintenance mistakes that most pool owners make. They avoid regular cleaning, which results in a contaminated pool and diseases like Nalgaria. When you do not clean up the debris, it will clog the filtration system. Hence, it leads to unsightly water and potential clogs in the filtration system.

The Consequence

Ignoring regular cleaning can result in algae growth. So it makes the water murky and unsafe for swimming. Also, debris can clog the filters and skimmers in the pools. Hence, reducing their efficiency leads to costly repairs.

How to Avoid It

The following are means by which you can avoid swimming pool maintenance mistakes:

Skim Daily

Please use a pool skimmer net to remove leaves and debris from the surface of the water daily.

Vacuum Weekly

As stated before in the checklist, it is a must to vacuum the pool weekly. So go for the swimming pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool. Manual or automatic vacuums can help keep the pool floor clean.

Brush the Walls

Algae can cling to pool walls, mainly in corners. Use a pool brush to scrub the walls and steps at least once a week. Get a pool brush from a reliable supplier like us.

Clean the Filters

Check and clean the pool filters regularly. It all depends on the kind of filter. It may involve backwashing or removing and rinsing the filter cartridge.

2. Incorrect Chemical Balance

The Mistake

Keeping the right chemical balance in the swimming pool is essential for the quality of water. However, many pool owners have yet to learn how much chemical they should add.

The Consequence

If you go for the wrong chemical levels, it may lead to skin and eye irritation. Besides this, it leads to cloudy water and damage to the surfaces and equipment of the tool. Also, imbalanced chemicals can foster the growth of harmful bacteria and algae.

How to Avoid It

Test Regularly

Get pool maintenance chemical kits like pH Test Kits from Water Solutions. Chemical test kits are used to check the alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels of the pool water.

Add Chemicals Slowly

When adding chemicals, do so slowly and allow them to disperse completely before retesting the water. So for this, we advise you to go for the floating chemical dispenser.

3. Ignoring Water Levels

The Mistake

Summers in Karachi are hot, and it leads to the evaporation of pool water. Ignoring these changes is another common pool maintenance mistake.

The Consequence

If the water level is too low, then the pool pump can run dry and become damaged. It leads to poor water circulation and debris buildup.

How to Avoid It

Check Regularly

Here, we advise you to keep an eye on the water level regularly. Hence, it ensures it stays at the midpoint of the pool skimmer opening.

Refill as Needed

Use a hose to add water when levels are low, and be mindful of rainfall or heavy splashing that may raise the water level too high.

Consider an Auto Fill Device

An automatic water level keeps the pool water at a specific level. So we advise you to install that.

4. Ignoring Pool Equipment Maintenance

The Mistake

Pool maintenance tools like filters, heaters, and pumps need regular maintenance. Many pool owners in Pakistan ignore this and focus only on the quality of the pool water.

The Consequence

Neglected equipment can break down frequently, leading to costly repairs or replacements. So it can also end in poor water quality if the pool equipment needs to be fixed.

How to Avoid It

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect all pool tools for signs of wear and tear. Look for leaks, unusual noises, or decreased performance.

Look for a Pool Maintenance Services Provider

Consider having a pool professional inspect and service the pool equipment at least once a year.

5. Forgetting to Shock the Pool

The Mistake

Super chlorination, or pool shocking, is a method that adds a high dose of chlorine to the water to remove contaminants. Some swimming pool owners either forget or do not realize the value of this step.

The Consequence

So if you ignore the pool shocking then organic contaminants like body oils, sunscreens, and sweat can contaminate the pool water. It can lead to cloudy water, unpleasant odors, and an increased risk of algae and bacteria growth.

How to Avoid It

Shock Weekly

As a general rule, shock the pool once a week, mainly during heavy usage or after a rainstorm.

Shock at Night

Shock the pool in the evening to avoid the chlorine being quickly broken down by sunlight.

So if you are looking for quality and reliable swimming pool maintenance equipment suppliers, then Water Solutions is the name you can trust.


Proper pool maintenance ensures a safe, clean, and enjoyable swimming environment. So by avoiding these common mistakes, pool owners in Pakistan can save time, money, and effort while maintaining their pools.

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