Fixing Top 5 Common Macerator Toilet Problems

Macerators are the best solution for building a toilet or kitchen in the basement where plumbing is not an option. Yes, the Macerator is a reliable system that is revolutionizing waste management in Pakistan, but Macerator can be complex, and one may face some issues here and there. So, it is necessary to know what is causing the Macerator toilet problem. In this blog, we will learn about the macerator toilet problems and their solutions in Pakistan.

It could also clog up the piles that require cleaning, or it could be a simple blockage in the impeller blade of the macerator. It could also be the continuous running of the toilet, falls in the water level, or a foul odor from the bathroom. No more further waiting; read this and know the solutions to the Macerator problems.

Macerator Toilet

Common Macerator Toilet Problems

If you have installed the macerator in your kitchen, basement, or toilet where gravity is the issue, you may have faced some problems. The following are the most common macerator toilet problems.

1. Leaking

Problem: It is the most common macerator toilet problem fault. We all know leaks are a red flag in any plumbing system. These can happen in the link between the toilet, the macerator unit, or the discharge pipe. Hence, it leads to damage and unpleasant odors. When facing a Macerator toilet leak, it is a must to know about the type of leak. There are mainly two kinds of leaks: external and internal seal failures.

Solution: Tighten the loose connections and check the seals for signs of damage or wear. Replace the worn-out seals and ensure all links are secure. If the macerator toilet leaks after flush persists, it may show a more notable issue, necessitating a professional inspection.

An internal leak seal issues water seeps from the back wall where the bowl connects to the tank. The internal leaks need a plumbing expert. But for the external leaks, tightening the connection does the job. If you need an expert plumbing solution, you can contact us now.

2. Clogging

Problem: Clogs are the most harmful thing that can happen to toilets and even it is also one of the macerator toilet problems. They occur when there is too much toilet paper. When items that should not be flushed get flushed or when too much waste is stuck in the system.

Solution: There is a macerator toiler repair option for you, but there is a solution that you can follow. Start by turning off the power to the macerator and utilizing a plunger made for macerator toilets. After that, try to dislodge the clog gently. If the clog lasts, access the macerator pump and visually look for blockages. Clear any trash cautiously to avoid harming the system.

3. Foul Smell

Problem: It is also one of the most common macerator toiler problems. Bad smells coming from the macerator toilet can occur for diverse reasons. So it may be because there is too much waste stuck inside. Also, it is because the seal is not working right.

Solution: Here is the macerator toilet fix at home. Maintain the macerator system and clean it to prevent waste buildup. Check and replace the damaged or worn-out seals to avoid odors. Hence using macerator-specific cleaning solutions can also help in keeping the system odor-free.

4. Water Level Never Lowers When Flushing

Problem: It is a common macerator toilet problem. If the water in the macerator toilet bowl never goes down after flushing, then a few things might be causing this issue.

Check for Debris and Clogs: Look for the blockages in the bowl or pipes or bowl. If one sees any slop, clean it out. Pour some hot water down the toilet for about 10 minutes before flushing again.

Consider Winter Conditions: In winter, waste pipes may freeze, causing blockages. So running hot water via the pipes can melt the iced waste and clear clogs further down the line.

5. Continuous Running of the Toilet

Problem: When the macerator toilet keeps running non-stop, simple steps may help solve the issue.

Check Buttons on the Tank: Make sure none of the buttons on the front of the tank are stuck.

Adjust the Fill Valve: Utilise an Allen wrench or screwdriver to turn the cover counterclockwise on top of the fill valve. It may help adjust the valve and stop the continuous running.


Macerator toilets are great for eco-friendly homes. They save water, are comfy, and require less upkeep because the bowl stays at the same level without needing a refill after each flush.

But sometimes macerator toilets can leak, keep running all the time, and more. Look for the solution we have stated in this blog. It will save you time and hard-earned money. If the macerator toilet problem persists, then you can contact us anytime for help.

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