How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet?

Macerator toilets are famous for their efficiency in breaking down waste before flushing. Hence, it makes them a common fixture in modern households.

However, like any plumbing system, they can face a few blockages. Hence, that blockage may lead to discomfort and potential malfunctions.

In this detailed guide, we will take you through the steps on how to unblock a macerator toilet. Also, we ensure you can maintain its optimal performance.

Before you Plunge

So these are the most vital things to do before starting to work on unlocking a macerator toilet. Before you take on the task yourself, know what the macerator toilet can handle. It is great with waste and toilet paper but steer clear of the following.

Flushable Wipes: They never break down well and can get stuck.

Feminine Hygiene Items: They expand and can cause big blockages.

Diapers: The next item on the list is diapers. They are thick and absorbent and can be too much for the macerator.

Oil and Grease: These can harden in pipes, blocking flow and attracting debris.

Non-Flushable Objects: Keep things like toys or other items out of the toilet to avoid issues.

Identifying the Blockage

There are many macerator toilet problems, but the most common one is blocked macerator toilets. The query is how to unblock the macerator toilet. For this, you need to find the blockage first and then move on to the next steps.

To start fixing a blocked macerator toilet, first find the location of the issue. These toilets have a pump to break down waste. If the blockage is in the pump or pipes, you will notice problems like slow flushing, strange sounds, or even toilet bowl backups. The first step is finding the kind of blockage.

Partial Blockage

The toilet flushes slowly or makes gurgling noises. So by the macerator toilet noise, you can tell about the partial blockage.

Complete Blockage

Also, water rises in the bowl after flushing. Sometimes, the flushing never works at all.

Macerator Malfunction

The toilet hums but never flushes. It may be an indication of potential electrical or mechanical problems.

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Tools and Safety Measures

Before dealing with the blockage, we advise you to gather the tools. And also, take safety steps for a smooth and safe process.

Rubber Gloves and Apron

Wear rubber gloves and an apron to shield yourself from potential mess and contamination.


After that, use a basic plunger to tackle minor issues. Make sure it fits the toilet bowl.

Bucket and Towels

Have a bucket and towels ready to grab extra water and clean up afterward.

How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet Step-by-Step Guide?

So now you have gathered all the tools and found the blockage. Now is the time to follow the steps.

1. Turn Off Power of Macerator

Safety is a must. Start by turning off the power to your macerator toilet. Find the electrical switch or unplug the unit from its power source.

2. Check the Discharge Pipe

Now inspect the discharge pipe for visible or foreign things. Use a flashlight for a closer look. If any blocks are clear to see, use a plier or gloved hand to remove them.

3. Plunge the Toilet

It comes next. If the blockage is within the toilet bowl, then a plunger can be effective. Provide a proper seal and plunge vigorously for a few minutes. Now flush the toilet to check if the water drains smoothly.

4. Flush and Test

Following the efforts, flush the toilet and watch the water flow. If the water drains freely and the toilet works properly, you have likely successfully cleared the macerator toilet blockage.

5. Turn On the Power of the Macerator

Once you are sure that the blockage is clear and the toilet is working correctly then turn the power back on to the macerator.

Get Saniflo Macerator Expert's Help

If your macerator toilet is blocked, then we advise you to follow these steps to get rid of it. But if nothing works, you can call for the expert’s advice or get the best Saniflo macerator services in Pakistan. Water Solutions is a pioneer who deals with the Saniflo macerator.


Fixing a blocked macerator toilet may sound tricky, but it is doable with the right tools. Regular upkeep, good waste disposal habits, and quick action on any blockage signs help control issues. Follow these steps to keep the macerator toilet working and the bathroom clean for a long time.

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